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Unreal Engine Artist

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Build environment in Unreal Engine (terrain, layout, foliage, lighting)

Experience with Blueprint

Look-dev in Unreal Engine

Asset optimization

Work remotely and able to communicate progress and suggest scheduling.



1. Unreal Engine skill 

  • Good attention to detail. 

  • Previous experience with asset-creation for realtime application (espically Unreal Engine) 

  • Knowledge of modelling, texturing, sculpting, shading, lighting 

2. Other skills that are advantageous: 

  • Knowledge of cinematography/photography 

  • Understanding of animation inside Unreal Engine (Sequencer, Blueprint animation) 

  • Knowledge of Houdini 

  • Knowlege of Blender 

  • Coding experience in Python, C++ 

  • Previously worked in a VFX or Gaming company 

3. Attributes: 

  • Work under pressure 

  • Excellent attention to detail 

  • Ability to prioritize and delegate tasks 

  • Work well with others in both remote and local capacity 

  • Excellent-problem solving ability 

  • Ability to adapt to different tasks and flexible to changes 

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